A Birthday Shout Out

Today is a very special day…it’s my Biffer’s birthday!


For those of you that don’t know, that’s my sister. We call each other Biffer. We’re incredibly mature adults like that.

Last year, I posted a lightened up recipe of one of her favorite dishes (fried dill pickles – yummmm) to commemorate the day.

This year I don’t really have a recipe ready that meets her food needs. Because my recent kitchen adventures have had cheese as an ingredient. Which she doesn’t like. (Right…how are we related?!)

So in light of that fun little factoid, I figured I’d share some favorite tidbits about my Biffer so y’all get to know this person I refer to frequently. (You can always start by following her awesome blog over at OurMorningGlories.com)

Fun Facts:

  • My Biffer loves her some 80’s. So anytime I’m on a road trip and a good ole blast from the past comes on, I send her a picture or give her a call so she can sing along with me…and things like this happen:


  • Favorite actors: Tom Cruise and Hugh Grant. So if you ever read some of the epic Oscar carols I make for her, you’ll likely find a reference or two to Tom and/or Hugh.
  • My Biffer likes sports as much as I do – particularly college football, NBA, golf – and the Olympics when we the chance! A few weeks before I got married, we had a “Biffer night” to just have some time for the two of us. What did we do? Ordered pizza, made our favorite “game day” dip and watched college football. Together. Just the two of us.
  • She is incredibly creative and crafty! We used to have “crafting” weekends when I’d visit her in college/grad school – but now I get to see her work in action when she plans birthday parties for her four boys! Her hubby always does a great job with his acting parts too – so props to him!
  • Dislikes: Cheese (except on Pizza – what?). Wendy’s (again, what?). The word “Dainty”. Wal-Mart.
  • Likes: Pizza. Chocolate. Starbucks. Movies. Ice cream. 80’s music. Pronto Pups – we have a standing date at the FedEx St. Jude Classic every year.ProntoPupBiffs


  • “Woo Woo” followed by “Ding Ding”: a phrase which originated on a relative’s farm in Virginia years ago in order to locate each other when separated. One would yell “Woo Woo” and the other would respond “Ding Ding”. We may still use this today…I told you – mature adults.
  • “Eeeeeeeekkkkkk…” followed by high-pitched sounds only dogs can hear: this means it’s snowing in her immediate vicinity.
  • “The Best Movie Ever”: often proclaimed after seeing a great movie. Not sure she could pick just one though…but I can’t point fingers, neither could I!
  • “Freak”/”Freak of Nature”: a term of affection between Biffers. So when this song comes on, I think of my darling Biffer. (My hubby actually called the other day playing that song, saying he was thinking of my sister – it’s contagious!)

So there’s just a little glimpse into the awesomeness that is my Biffer. I am so lucky to have such an incredibly person in my life. She always brightens up my day and I love the time we get to spend together – whether it’s just us or the whole family! She gave me the greatest job title ever (Aunt Mary) and I love thinking back to when we were kids and seeing her with her kiddos now. It’s really pretty cool even if it makes me feel old.

Happy Happy Birthday to my Biffer – a rock star of a mom, an amazing wife, an inspiring role model, a woman of strong faith, a crafty lady, my best girl friend, a beautiful person inside and out, and of course, a total freak of nature.

Cheers Biffer – I love you!



3 thoughts on “A Birthday Shout Out

  1. You sure know how to make a Biffer cry on her birthday! 😉 That was so sweet, Biffer! I feel the same way about you–completely blessed to have a YOU in my life!! I can’t wait to celebrate with you over pizza tonight! I love you! Woo-woo, ding-ding!!

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