A Month of Thanks

I have seen so many “days of thankfulness” posts and they always just make me smile. Obviously, there are things we are thankful for every day – but I really enjoy reading about the little things that you might not normally think about.

Like comfort food. Who doesn’t love a body and soul warming bowl of soup or a casserole? But do we really think about how thankful we are for those things?

So, I just wanted to share with everybody a few of the little (and big) things I’ve found myself thankful for this month. I hope to continue with the list so when I find myself in a not-to-thankful mood, I can look at this and remember how blessed I truly am and knock “grumpy Mary” out of her foul mood.

Day 1 – My husband’s friends. I often get a little down because a lot of my best friends live so far away, but it’s been fun really getting to know this great group of people over the past 5 years and I’m so thankful that they have become my friends too.

Photobooth Fun

Day 2 – College football. Seriously, I love waking up Saturday mornings for College Game Day and catching football action all day long!


Day 3 – Sleep. Especially when it’s an extra hour for Daylight Savings…

Day 4 – My co-workers. They help keep me sane on the really stressful days!

Day 5 – Our church community. I sometimes struggle with integrating myself into a group and really feeling like a part of that group, but we have been blessed with the people we’ve met through 2PC.

Day 6 – My love for cooking. I am so thankful that my mother taught me how to prepare meals and how to love cooking and hosting. I can’t imagine what my days would be like if I didn’t look forward to coming home and preparing a delicious dinner.


Day 7 – My wonderful husband. We spent Thursday night celebrating a major milestone in his personal life and in his career and I could not be more proud. He is the man of my dreams and I cannot believe I have been lucky enough to have met him almost 5 years ago. He is my best friend and I cherish every moment I’ve spent with him – whether traveling to Mexico, reading on the couch, touring Disney or just having a picnic on our floor, my heart is always full when I’m with him.

HusbandDate night

Day 8 – My husband’s family – they helped shape the man he is today and I love when we’re able to spend time with them.

Day 9 – My nephews. The hubby and I were in charge of ALL 4 boys for 24 hours this past weekend. Not gonna lie, we both opened a well-deserved beer at 8:00 p.m. and were wiped out – but they are so precious. It’s wonderful seeing them interact with each other and it makes me feel pretty darn special when they’re sad to see us go. I love my Pookers!

Day 10 – Ice cream. Like I said, we watched 4 boys over the weekend. Ice cream makes everybody happy, right?

Ice Cream

Day 11 – The amazing U.S. of A. No matter what opinions you have on politics, religion, etc.  – I am thankful that we’re able to hold and voice those opinions without fear.

Day 12 – Our home – because it’s home, not just a house.

Day 13 – Seasons. I love experiencing changes in the weather – each season gives me something to be excited about – football, fireplaces, family time, vacation. Except for raking leaves, I’d gladly give that one up…


What are you finding yourself thankful for today?

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